All waste and waste incineration possible (except stone, glass and metal)


Polyethylene, urethane, ink, acrylic, film, waste oil, FRP, PCB, tires, rubber, vinyl, food, diapers, animal carcasses (AI, foot-and-mouth disease), fishing village waste, food waste, etc.

(various incineration such as living, industry, fishery, medical waste).





Special industrial wastes discarded in factories and production lines, automobile dismantling, food & fish processing, wood industry waste treatment.

Administrative agency

Useful for treatment of disgusting and evasive waste.

Secluded area

Useful for areas where it is difficult to collect wastes such as island areas.

Disease control center

Excellent for animal carcasses treatment such as AI (avian influenza) and mad cow disease.

Religious facilities

Because of the special group nature, there is a large amount municipal waste(a place where the cost of waste treatment is high).

Medical Facilities

Useful for large-scale discharge of environmental pollutants from contaminated syringes and hospital wastes.

Elderly welfare facility

Various hazardous wastes from facilities.


Used to demand proof of Marine Pollution Treaty(MARPOL).

Excellent for treatment of Ballast water and waste oil(mandatory from 2017)


It has a salt water corrosion protection facility, so it is easy to treatment of municipal waste around the beach.


It is useful for treatment of packaging containers such as agricultural vinyl and plastic.

Highway rest areas

Used for waste treatment of 199 highway rest areas and 286 drowsy shelters.

Hotels and other accommodations

Can destroy waste and heat from the incineration can be harvested.

Military unit

Useful for treatment of special chemical waste and living waste in military units.

National public park

Useful for waste treatment of tourist sites such as beaches and mountains.

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